Pre-reading Skills Workbook for ages 2-4

Pre-reading Skills Workbook

It is vital for kids to have a strong foundation in pre-reading skills before they start learning to read. These skills include: The ability to identify and understand the meaning of words that are spoken or read. The ability to…

Geometry Worksheet

geometry worksheets

Geometry Worksheet is a mathematical worksheet that deals with the angles of a triangle. It’s free, and fun. What it looks like. The files are in a PNG format. PDF isn’t available. How to download? On PC, Click the download…

DepEd Self-Learning Modules (SLM)

DepEd Self-Learning Modules

Here are the links to download DepEd Self-Learning Modules from Kindergarten up to Senior High School. After clicking the download link, you will be redirected to DepEd Commons where the files are stored. You can log in or sign up…