Pre-reading Skills Workbook for ages 2-4

It is vital for kids to have a strong foundation in pre-reading skills before they start learning to read. These skills include:

The ability to identify and understand the meaning of words that are spoken or read.

The ability to identify symbols and match them with objects.

The ability to sequence events in order, including the order of letters in a word and sounds in a word.

The ability to follow simple direction, such as “Put the apple on the table.”

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Things Around Me
Lesson 2: Things That Are The Same
Lesson 3: Things That Are Different
Lesson 4: Things That Belong Together
Lesson 5: Partner
Lesson 6: Sounds Around Me
Lesson 7: The English Alphabet
Lesson 8: Vowels Up!



This workbook is made by AralPinas.