March 2022 LET Passers – Licensure Examination for Teachers Result for Elementary & Secondary

The complete alphabetical list of passers and full results in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) results for March 2022 Elementary and Secondary Level as released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 25 working days after the exams.

List of Passers Elementary Level:

List of Passers Secondary Level:

TOP 10 LET Passers (Elementary)

TOP 10 LET Passers (Secondary)

“As announced, 10,039 elementary teachers out of 20,567 examinees (48.81%) and 7,809 secondary teachers out of 18,717 examinees (41.72%) successfully passed the Licensure Examination,” according to the PRC.

LET 2022 (3rd Batch) was headed by the Chairman of the Board of Professional Teachers, Dr. Rosita L. Navarro, Vice Chairman Dr. Paz Lucido, and its members, Dr. Paraluman R. Giron and Dr. Nora M. Uy.

Source: PRCBoard